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Cat Toy

PT2023 LED Undercover Mouse Cat Toy Cat

PT2023 LED Undercover Mouse Cat Toy Cat's meow

  • Model Number:   PT2023
  • Brand:   PETOP
  • Size:   φ18x5CM

Product Description

1)Made of  Eco-friendly Plastic(ABS) and Durable rip stop nylon.
2)Variable speed settings with LED  to keep your cat's entertained.
Cat's Meow:
1. Cats meow electric mouse pet toy 
2. Cat's MeowThree speed settings 
3. Cat's Meow cat active and healthy
Cat's Meow Advantage:
Just as the name implies, undercover mouse moves quickly; randomly speeding, slowing and reversing direction under its durable nylon cover - the hidden mouse skitters furtively just out of your cat s view. In fact, its movements are so real you and your cat will swear there s a live mouse in the house. Here s the secret to its success undercover mouse s stealthy movements serve to peak your hunter/predator s instinct to secure the catch.
Pictures for reference:
LED Undercover Mouse of Cat

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