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Cat Teaser

Wild Wonder Feather Wand Cat Teaser
Wild Wonder Feather Wand Cat Teaser Cat Teaser

Wild Wonder Feather Wand Cat Teaser

  • Model Number:   PT6001-1
  • Brand:   PETOP
  • Size:   35cm

Product Description

2015 Hot Selling Wild Wand Cat Teaser Suppliers

Item Name: 2015 Hot Selling Wild Wand Cat Teaser Suppliers
Item No.: PT6001 Brand: Petop
Material:  Natural Chicken,Pheasant, and Peacock Feathers
 Size 65CM
 Packing 1 PCS / PE bag

Cat Ware Wild Wonder Wands by Petop Manufactory. 

Feathers are whisker-raising for cats! 
Natural Chicken, Pheasant, and Peacock feathers bring out the hunter in every Kitty.
* Promotes positive playtime
* Perfect outlet for excess energy.
* Natural feathers cats love.


Feature for Wild Wonder Wand Cat Teaser :

1)Fun and Addictive:
a)Enjoy hours playing with your cat in super fun way with just a flick of your wrist.
b)Watch them stalk and prey, leap and swipe, over and over ,for hours and hours.
c)The best cat toys are fun for people.
2)Enticing to cats:
a)Cats love birds and birds have feathers! 
b)The Wild Wonder Wand Cat Teaser imitates a cat's natural prey and will bring out the most instinctive reactions in almost any cat! 
c)Watch your cat jump and pounce like a fully grown Tiger!
d)Cats are happiest and healthiest emotionally, physically, and mentally when they are in touch with their basic hunting instincts.
3)Safe for cats :
a)The length of the dangler keeps little fingers far away from sharp claws, preventing accidental scratching wherever possible.

b)Interactive toys engage the pet with its owner.
c)This activity builds trust and companionship between you and your Cat.


Our Business Services:

1)Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 12 hours in working date.

2)Experience sales answer your inquiry and give you related business service .

3)OEM&ODM are welcome,we have over 7 years experience working with OEM project.

4)We are looking for the sales exclusive of the our ODM wooden mirror jewelry cabinet.

5)Sales exclusive agent sales right have been protect.


Production Lead Time:

10 working days after confirming the samples and received deposit.


Comany Information:

Petop Manufactory is an OEM and ODM manufacturer specializing in innovative pet toys, Feather Cat Toys and cat scratcher. Our manufacturing expertise started from 2008 and our factory in Dongguan covers 2,000sq.ft and employs over 60 workers.


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